Our First Class Facilities

An approach to rehab unlike any other.
Our First Class Facilities

Our priority is to provide a great environment for our patients to achieve their fitness and therapy goals.

Each of our three physical therapy clinics are adjacent to world-class health clubs.  As a patient you will benefit from access to state of the art equipment including strength training equipment, cardiovascular machines such as ellipticals, free weights, and a heated therapy pool. We use all of the finest amenities and interventions to offer you the greatest chance at the fastest recovery possible.

Amenities at each site include comfortable and clean locker rooms, showers and steam rooms, and jacuzzi tubs. Further, unique to Fit Stop physical therapy is our ability to offer quality child care in a safe, clean environment that your children will love to visit. Don’t let a lack of babysitter keep you from getting to your PT appointments! Better consistency equals better outcomes; we strive to do all that we can to make that a reality for you. (Amenities may vary slightly depending on location).

During your therapy treatment you will have free access to the health club. Physical therapy patients and their spouse get full access to our fitness centers during their rehabilitation. This allows our patients to accelerate their therapy results. Special membership rates and access to our “After Care Program” are available upon completion of treatment. Utilization of this complimentary membership allows you to:

•    Reduce your number of insurance visits
•    Save money on co-payments
•    Accomplish your rehabilitative goals faster
•    Achieve greater independence and overall wellness
•    Begin a life-long commitment to a better quality of life.

We feel that your health and wellness does not end with cessation of your physical therapy. Upon completion of your rehabilitation goals we offer discounted gym memberships at each of these facilities. That way you can continue to come to an environment and use equipment that you’ve already become accustomed to. This is an extremely unique and exciting partnership that ensures not only that you achieve your maximum recovery while coming to therapy, but that you’re able to maintain it long after PT stops.

Please visit the links below for compete descriptions of the facilities, amenities and equipment at each location.  Also, contact us if we can answer any questions or provide you with any additional information.

The Gym at City Creek Center

The Gym at Station Park

The Fit Stop Health Club at Activa Plaza

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