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What you need to know following knee surgery

What you need to know following knee surgery

None of us want it. Many of us need it. A lot of us eventually break down and get it.

Knee surgery.

We’ve seen it from just about every angle imaginable: “I blew out my ACL skiing,” “I tore my meniscus playing _____,” “It’s been bone-on-bone for years,” and my personal favorite – “It was an old high school football injury from ___ years ago”. Whatever the reason and whatever the surgery, did you know there are some important steps that you can take following your surgery that will help you to heal better, quicker, and with decreased pain? Today on the Fit Stop Blog, one of our knee specialists, Tyler Bluth, PT, MPT, is sharing everything you need to know following your knee surgery to get back into action as quickly as possible. Read more below: