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Best physical therapy treatment

Best physical therapy treatment

Four keys to maximize your physical therapy visits to recover faster and more completely!

For over six years now, I have been practicing physical therapy (PT) at the Fit Stop in our Heber City location.  I love my job.  I think that we as physical therapists have one of the most important and gratifying jobs out there.  We are able to play a pivotal role in decreasing pain and improving our patient’s function and quality of life in a very safe and non-invasive way.  One of the best aspects of my job is being able to see my patients get better. The majority of musculoskeletal injuries out there respond very well to PT treatment. However, sometimes it doesn’t quite work out that way.  Sometimes, a patient does not improve as much as he/she hoped.  This can be very frustrating for both therapist and patient, especially since nowadays the cost for care is generally  quite expensive for the patient.  Most patients have significant deductibles that need to be paid off before their insurance will even pay a dime for the PT.  Then, even after the deductible is met, ever increasing co-pays can deter a patient from even seeking care in the first place.  Considering these factors alone, it is understandable that a patient could get discouraged if progress with PT is not perceived to be meeting expectations.

So what can be done to give you the best chance possible of reaping maximum benefit from your PT?  From my experience over the last few years, successful PT patients generally share a few of the following common characteristics…