Client Testimonials

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  • “After 3 visits my neck is feeling so much better. Before therapy, I could hardly move my head without a lot of pain and discomfort. Yesterday I hardly noticed any pain all day. I also slept more solidly last night as I didn’t wake up with every movement.”

    Shirley M, Physical Therapy

  • “I started coming in with daily headaches and constant muscle tension in my shoulders and right jaw. My headaches have improved and my muscle tension has decreased. The exercises I learned and the treatment I have received have helped me a ton!”

    Brook R, Physical Therapy

  • “After 6 weeks of therapy, I’ve seen a lot of improvement from my bilateral knee surgery. After my surgery, I could barely walk with crutches and getting in and out of bed was very difficult…I am now able to climb stairs, walk for 15-20 minutes, and bike for thirty minutes! We are working now on strength training & I see improvement every day! The Fit Stop Physical Therapy is awesome!”

    Hillary D, Physical Therapy

  • “I thought I was never going to be able to do the things I had been able to do before surgery. But as the weeks went on my shoulder started getting stronger and stronger; and going from being able to do very little I now have good range of motion and strength and am able to do everything I couldn’t before PT. Tobin was very good to work with and kept me motivated to get back in action. All in all, my shoulder feels excellent! Time to tee up!!

    Casey M, Physical Therapy

  • I love the Fit Stop! Cameron is very knowledgeable and professional. He has provided a great environment for my shoulder recovery! It is a super convenient location right there at Station Park in Farmington. I highly recommend Cameron and the Fit Stop.

    Heather, Physical Therapy

  • I had surgery to repair my ACL and came to Dr. Garber for PT. He has done done a fabulous job helping me regain strength, stability, and mobility. I have progressed faster than I had anticipated and am grateful for his knowledge and expertise. I would highly recommend him and the Fit Stop.

    Jenny, Physical Therapy

  • “What’s cool about the Fit Stop for your physical therapy is the access a patient has to use their great exercise facility. While you are a patient there you can use the facility for free. And after your therapy is over you can join the facility at a discount and continue to exercise. We are fortunate to have the Fit Stop in [these locations].”

    Brandon S, Physical Therapy

  • Before I was tested by metabolic curve I was killing myself with insanely hard workouts... I went and saw Cameron Garber, DPT at metabolic curve and he introduced me to an entirely new way to lose weight. He gave me so much information on my metabolism and how it worked as well as instructions on how to lose the most weight the fastest, in the healthiest way. The best part was my workouts became dramatically easier and I felt refreshed and energetic afterwards. Along with all this he gave me a few nutrition pointers! After two weeks I lost about 5 pounds and about a week later I was ten pounds less than when I was tested! ... I still have a little ways to go but I look and feel better than I have since before I got pregnant.

    Maddy, Metaboic Curve

  • Overall, definite five stars. Jared and Cameron are very experienced, fun, and personable people, who are incredibly knowledgeable in their fields. I used to get horrible migraines due to a past neck injury, and since starting about a month ago, I haven't gotten one. I love that their office is located in The Gym at Station Park, because they take full advantage of the gym equipment in teaching me exercises to do and during our sessions to build muscle back up again. Finding a physical therapist and office that you are comfortable with is a breeze when you chat with Jared or Cameron, and I would recommend friends, family, and anyone else considering tending that older injury or needing therapy on a new one to call them or go in and check them out.

    Ashley, Physical Therapy